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  • Dr. Bob Solomon for State Senate
    Just What the People Ordered Dr. Bob Solomon for State Senate

Dr. Bob Solomon On the Issues

Dr. Bob’s three decades as an emergency physician give him the extensive real-world experience needed to tackle the tough issues facing Pennsylvania on Day One as our next State Senator. Here are just a few- more details coming soon!


With three decades of front-line experience as an emergency physician in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, plus twenty-five years as a public health policy expert, Bob Solomon is positioned to be an instant leader in the State Senate.

A proponent of universal health care, Dr. Bob believes quality health care is a fundamental right for all Pennsylvanians. He knows how to take on the powerful insurance lobbyists and fight for real change.

Click on the images below for more specific information on Dr. Bob’s healthcare platform:

bob solomon healthcare
bob solomon healthcare

Opioid Crisis

Dr. Bob believes the best way to combat Pennsylvania’s growing opioid epidemic is to understand not only the addiction but the impact on families and loved ones of those hooked on opioids. This is an area where he, unfortunately, has ample knowledge due to the number of people wheeled into his emergency room after overdosing.

By working with the healthcare industry, officials in federal, state, and local governments, and community organizations, Dr. Bob is eager to tackle this epidemic by creating consensus and make informed decisions to curb the devastating impact of opioid abuse throughout the region.

Check out Bob’s thoughts on the Historical Roots of the Heroin Epidemic.

opioids bob solomon

Gun Violence

Unlike most policymakers, Dr. Bob has had the horrific duty of examining the body of a victim of a senseless shooting and then telling the family there is nothing he can do to bring their loved one back. Experiences like these have shaped an unparalleled perspective on the need to tackle common sense gun policy, especially when it comes to those with mental illnesses, and of course protecting our schools.

But at the same time, Bob Solomon is a law-abiding gun owner and has been for his entire adult life. Bob understands the importance of protecting the Second Amendment rights granted by both the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions and will protect them as our next Senator for the 37th District.

Dr. Bob believes his comprehensive perspective on the issue of guns and gun violence will allow him to cross political and ideological lines to enact legislation to keep firearms out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

For more information on some of Bob’s ideas on controlling needless gun violence, check out his blog post: A Simple Solution to Gun Control?


Bob Solomon’s mother was a public school teacher. Bob Solomon’s daughter is a public school teacher. Bob Solomon not only strongly supports public education but vows to work tirelessly to improve our schools by tackling issues local school districts struggle with every day.

In addition to restoring an equitable funding formula for schools, Bob supports restoring actual educational standards designed to teach students the skills they need to compete, like STEM curriculum, instead of teaching to standardized tests.

Bob is also committed to taking on the powerful cyber charter school lobbyists in Harrisburg to finally force real accountability for the scandal-ridden cyber charter schools focused on filling their pockets with taxpayer dollars instead of educating our children.

bob solomon education
bob solomon education

Jobs and Economic Development

Southwestern Pennsylvania must continue to create opportunities for high-quality, high-paying jobs to prevent our children and grandchildren from being forced to go elsewhere to start a career.

Bob’s father was a blue-collar union worker, so he understands the need to stand with our current brothers and sisters in labor to fight against political attacks like “right to work” legislation and other wrong-minded tactics designed to punish and weaken the working men and women who provide the economic backbone of Pennsylvania.

And while we must seek out new opportunities for our region to grow, Bob believes that economic development must benefit all sides and must be done in a transparent way to promote public trust. Giving any one corporation or industry the keys to our economic future in a way that promotes corporate welfare over a true partnership is neither sustainable or smart public policy.

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SD37 Debate #1: South Park Public Library

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