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Universal Healthcare: It’s Time for a Better, Cheaper Way

We hear a lot of rhetoric about universal healthcare, one of the most popular proposals (which I support) being Medicare for All. But what does universal healthcare really mean for the American people? The simplest definition is a system of healthcare for all paid for with public funds. Providers (which means doctors, hospitals, and everyone […]

A Simple Solution to Gun Control?

When I read online commentary on gun control measures, I see opinion divided into two camps: Guns are the problem. Or mental illness is the problem. American gun violence is a complex matter, and the availability of guns and the prevalence of mental illness are both important factors. Are we going to do something to reduce […]

The Heroin Epidemic’s Historical Roots

Pardon me for jolting you out of the Third Millennium, but I want to take you back to the early 1800s, when Thomas Jefferson was president of the United States and Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertürner was a pharmacist’s apprentice in Paderborn (then part of Prussia). Sertürner purified one of the active alkaloids from the opium […]

Emergency Physician Dr. Bob Solomon Announces Run for Senate in PA-37

“Polling has shown there are three issues voters are most interested in: health care, the opioid crisis, and gun violence,” Solomon, 60, of Oakdale, said. “Because of my 33 years as an emergency physician, I am uniquely qualified to help address all of these issues in the Senate starting on the day I am sworn in.”